Who is Appliance Doctor?

We are Appliance Doctor! Local people serving local people.

Back in 1964, a man by the name of Paul W. Guckin, a recent honorably discharged shipmate from the US Navy, decided it was time to do something with his life. It would have to be something with his hands. Something he liked to do. Major Appliance Repair! After 4 years in the Navy as a Radioman specializing in Morse Code, Paul decided to begin training himself in the knowledge of servicing major household appliances. At the time, he studied laundry products such as washers and dryers. Later he studied refrigeration. For 16 years, he focused his service on these products.

In 1980, Paul had an opportunity to open a used appliance store, where he would sell reconditioned washers and dryers with a 2 year guarantee. A guarantee that was 2 times as long as a new washer. His Guckin's Washer Service store was a big hit. People from the neighborhood would come in to the store, see a vast selection of reconditioned appliances, and actually question if they were new appliances. The reason for this was that Guckin's reconditioned washers and dryers were so clean, they passed for new appliances. Not to mention the iron clad guarantee, it was hard to pass one up.

By 1985, the service division was really taking off, so Paul decided to expand the business. He incorporated the name The Washer Doctor. This name was created one evening back in 1980 by Paul's 5 year old son Eric. Eric knew that his father fixed broken washers and asked his mom if his dad was a washer doctor? Mom told Paul about this story and the name stuck. Paul started placing large ads in the Yellow Pages and in the Donnelly Directory all over the region.

In 1987, Paul changed the company name from The Washer Doctor to Appliance Doctor. The Appliance Doctor name better described the type of service the company provided.

In 1988, Appliance Doctor broke $1 Million in annual sales. Business was great for many years following this milestone.

1997 came around, and Paul came to a decision. He had now been in the business for over 33 years, and each of his 4 sons was also in the business. Eric, 22, the one who at age 5 asked if his dad was the washer doctor, was now a technician for almost 5 years. Scott, 20, was also a technician and was very interested in business. Paul, 57, decided it was time to step aside. Eric and Scott co-managed Appliance Doctor. Eric was responsible for Southern territories and Scott was responsible for Northern territories. Within the first year of co-management, Eric purchased Scott's interest in the company.

Eric P. Guckin became president of Appliance Doctor in 1997, and continues today to serve in this very important role. Eric's business philosophy is one of integrity, honesty, and professionalism.

“We strive to provide the best possible service at a competitive price. We've structured our company to be at the forefront of our industry. We believe in our employees, and we realize that it is because of our customers, and the quality service that we provide to them that make us successful. This belief will never change.”

Eric P. Guckin, President