What is HE Laundry Detergent?

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Your washing machine is a critical component of your home. You probably use it all the time without thinking about what goes into the process – but did you know that some washing machines require a special type of detergent? HE, or high efficiency, detergent is a type of detergent that has to be used in corresponding washing machines. Let’s explore HE laundry detergent and how not using it can require washing machine repair in Philadelphia.

What is HE laundry detergent?

HE laundry, or high efficiency, detergent is a type of detergent specifically designed for high-efficiency (HE) washing machines. These types of machines are usually more energy efficient than regular washers, and they require the use of low sudsing HE detergents to prevent the build-up of soap residue. HE detergents are typically concentrated, meaning that you only need to use a small amount for each load of laundry.

How Can Not Using HE Detergent Lead to Washing Machine Repair?

When using an HE washing machine, it is essential to use the correct type of detergent. If you don’t, your washing machine may not be able to properly agitate the water and clothes, leading you to use more detergent and have a build up of soap suds. Over time this residue can start to cover the internal components of your machine, causing them to break down. This will require washing machine repair in Philadelphia from one of our professional technicians at Appliance Doctor.

How Can I Tell If My Washing Machine Needs HE Detergent?

It’s easy to tell if you need HE detergent for your washing machine. The first thing to look at is the label on the front of your washer. Most HE washers will have a special icon or symbol indicating that it requires low sudsing, HE detergents only. You should also be able to find this information in your washing machine’s user manual or online. As for choosing the right detergent, most HE detergents will be labeled clearly with the words “HE” or “High Efficiency”. By using the correct type of detergent for your washing machine, you can help ensure that it runs properly and efficiently.

What Are Your Options for Washing Machine Repair in Philadelphia?

If you think your washing machine may be in need of repair due to improper detergent use, we can help. Our professionals at Appliance Doctor provide quality washing machine repair in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. We’ll come out to diagnose the problem, then take whatever steps necessary to get your washer running like new again. We can repair any type of washing machine, including:

  • Top loading
  • Front loading
  • Compact
  • Combination units
  • High efficiency units

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No matter the issue you’re having with your washing machine, Appliance Doctor can help. Contact us today to schedule a service appointment and get your washer back in working order quickly and safely. We look forward to helping you keep your washer running smoothly!

How to Properly Wash Your Clothes

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Your clothes go through a lot. As you go about your day, they can collect sweat, dirt, and grime. That’s why it’s important to wash your clothes regularly. But washing your clothes isn’t as simple as just throwing them in the washing machine. You need to know how to properly wash your clothes to keep them in great condition for a long to come. Check out these tips from Appliance Doctor on how to properly wash your clothes.

Read the Label

Those labels on the inside of your clothes aren’t just there for show. They contain lots of useful information, including the fabric content of the item of clothing and how to best care for it. Be sure to read the label before washing your clothes to make sure you’re using the right water temperature and cycle.

Check the Fabric

Before you throw your clothes in the washing machine or dryer, be sure to check the fabric content. There are plenty of fabrics that can go in the washer, such cotton or linen. But there are also plenty of fabrics that can be damaged by the washing machine, like silk or wool. If you’re not sure whether an item of clothing can go in the washer, err on the side of caution and hand wash it instead.

Use the Right Water Temperature

Using the wrong water temperature when washing your clothes can cause them to shrink, fade, or bleed. To avoid this, be sure to use the correct water temperature for the fabric you’re washing. You can find this information on the clothing label. If the clothing label has been removed and you can’t remember what the item is made from, it’s better to be safe than sorry: only wash the item in cold water and on a gentle cycle.

Use the Right Detergent

Not all detergents are created equal. There are different types of detergent for different types of fabrics and loads. Be sure to use the right type of detergent for the fabric you’re washing and the size of the load. Using too much or too little detergent can both cause problems. Too much detergent can leave your clothes feeling stiff and cause them to fade. Too little detergent, on the other hand, can result in your clothes not getting clean.

Don’t Overload the Washing Machine

It may be tempting to try to wash as many clothes as possible at once to save time. But overloading the washing machine can actually damage your clothes. The clothes won’t have enough room to move around and will come out dirty. So, be sure to only wash as many clothes as will fit comfortably in the washing machine.

Pretreat Stains

No one likes to see a stain on their clothes. But if you don’t pretreat the stain before washing it, it’s likely that the stain will become permanent. To pretreat a stain, apply a small amount of stain remover to the affected area and then wash the clothing as you normally would.

Contact Us for Washing Machine Repair in Philadelphia

Can’t wash your clothes because of faulty machine? Appliance Doctor can help. We have been providing quality washing machine repair in Philadelphia for many years, and our certified technicians are knowledgeable and experienced. We’re here to help, so don’t hesitate to contact us today.

How to Keep Your Washing Machine in Tip-Top Shape

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A washing machine is an appliance that most people use weekly or even daily. Over time, your washing machine will show signs of wear and tear. However, with proper care and maintenance, you can prolong the life of your washing machine and keep it running smoothly for years to come. Follow these simple tips from Appliance Doctor in Pennsylvania, and you can keep your washing machine running like new for years to come.

1. Clean Your Washing Machine Regularly

Washing machines are one of the most important appliances in the home. They save us time and energy by doing a chore that would otherwise be very tedious. However, washing machines need to be properly maintained to function properly. One of the most important things you can do is clean it regularly. It will remove any dirt, grime, and detergent that can cause problems. You should also regularly check the hoses and connections for leaks. If you notice any issues, it’s best to call us for washing machine repair in Pennsylvania to fix the problem before it worsens.

2. Use the Right Quantity and Type of Detergent

If you own a washing machine, it’s important to keep it in good working condition. One way to do this is to be careful about the detergent you use. Many people make the mistake of using too much detergent, or the wrong kind, which can cause many problems. Too much detergent can lead to a build-up of soap scum, which can damage clothes and make them harder to clean. It can also lead to a foul smell and increased wear and tear on your washing machine. Instead, use the amount of detergent recommended by the manufacturer. It will help you avoid costly washing machine repairs in Philadelphia.

3. Don’t Overload Your Machine

One of the best ways to keep your washing machine in tip-top shape is to avoid overloading it. It may be tempting to do fewer loads of laundry, but the consequences of overloading can be disastrous. When you overload your washing machine, it has to work harder to clean your clothes and puts extra strain on the motor and other parts of the machine. As a result, overloading can lead to premature wear and tear and may even cause your washing machine to break down. If you’re unsure how much laundry your washing machine can handle, check the owner’s manual or consult the manufacturer’s website. By not overloading your washing machine, you can help extend its lifespan and avoid costly repairs.

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It can be a pain if your washing machine is on the fritz. Not only do you have to deal with dirty laundry, but you also have to find a way to get your washing machine repaired. Fortunately, Appliance Doctor provides local washing machine repair in Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas. Contact our team of experts today to learn more or to request an estimate for your upcoming repair.

Getting Your Dishwasher Issues Fixed with Efficiency

It’s been a long day and your family has enjoyed a delicious spaghetti dinner. You slowly load a gathering of plates, glasses, and silverware into the dishwasher. After breathing a sigh and closing the dishwasher door, you press the start button. You don’t hear the dishwasher’s motor or detect any water spilling into the device. Instead, there’s no sound at all. What do you do? Answer: Call the professionals at our appliance repair company serving Bucks County.

Common Issues with Dishwashers

Not surprisingly, there are a few common issues that arise with most dishwashers used in homes. Some examples of those issues include:

• Water isn’t draining from the device

• The dishwasher won’t fill with water

• The dishwasher door won’t latch

• The device won’t finish the entire washing cycle

• The device is overly noisy

What it Takes to Solve the Issue

Regardless of the issue you’re having with your dishwasher, there are a few things necessary to solve it.

The Right Tools

When a dishwasher is malfunctioning, it takes the right types of tools to get it operational again. At our appliance repair company serving Bucks county, we’ve seen almost every dishwasher issue imaginable! So, we always have tools of the proper size and type with us to get the issue repaired as soon as possible. 

Expert Knowledge

Our repair professionals are knowledgeable about the intricate operations of a dishwasher. We’ve examined and repaired a variety of brands making it likely we’ve seen whatever issue you’re having with your dishwasher.

In addition, the professionals at our appliance repair company serving Bucks County are happy to answer any questions you have about the work we do, the equipment we use and the possible causes of the issue. We want you to be at ease with our work!

Quality Parts

If we need to replace a part in your dishwasher in order to make the repair, we have a supply of quality parts to use. We understand that a repair is only effective if it’s made with quality tools and parts.

The Benefits of Calling Our Repair Professionals

In addition to providing you with first-rate service, our repair professionals are courteous and respectful of your property. We arrive on time for your repair appointment and go about our work with efficiency. We get our work done and clean up any debris so you can go back to your normal routine.

So, if your dishwasher is malfunctioning, contact the team today at our appliance repair company serving Bucks County. Let us get your dishwasher up and running again!

Signs A Washing Machine Needs Repair

Clean clothing is critical to an individual’s health and cleanliness, in addition to their social and professional success. Fortunately, electronic appliances called washing machines help people complete this pertinent task thoroughly and over limited durations. Therefore, when these apparatuses break down, a major inconvenience ensues. 

Appliance Doctor, an appliance repair company serving Bucks County Pennsylvania and beyond invites our friends, followers and customers to read this brief blog about the signs to look out for that might suggest a washing machine needs fixing.

Signs A Washer requires Maintenance

The Drum Does Not Turn

A washer’s drum is the component that enables the machine to spin the clothing during a cleaning cycle. The likely culprits are lid switches or belts and there is a good chance that these products are damaged or completely broken and need replacing. 

Water Lingers In Drum After Washing

Once a cleansing cycle is complete, water should no longer be visible in the apparatus. In certain instances where water lingers, this is a simple case of the pump being obstructed by clothing. However, if remediating said issue does not remedy the problem, the pump might be damaged or possess internal obstructions. The latter maladies require fixing or replacing. 

Strange Odors Are Detectable

Foul or strange odors are not normal and typically indicate some kind or problem warranting investigation. This occurrence could equal any number of technical issues. However, should clothing emerge smelling extra damp, the culprit might be growth of a potentially harmful material called mold inside the machine. If left unchecked, mold could precipitate health problems, like allergies and minor upper respiratory infections. 

Higher Utility Bills

Should a homeowner witness a combination of higher electric and water bills, their washer is likely no longer operating with great efficiency. When such circumstances arise, a homeowner’s best recourse might be to upgrade to a newer, more energy-efficient device. 

Leakages Occur 

Water seeping out of the machine indicates a leak. That said, such occurrence could be the result of several different causes and originate in any number of components. Leaks should be assessed immediately to prevent the possibility of flooding and significant internal damage to the home’s interior. 

No Water In Drum

The drum should fill with water during routine washing cycles. This malady could be precipitated by numerous problems and should be examined by an appliance repair company serving Bucks County. 

Loud Or Unusual Noises Can Be Heard

Excessively loud sounds, such as, banging, clinking or hissing are abnormal and often indicate something is amiss. Precipitators could range from simple loose connections to major internal component damage. 

Contacting Us

Homeowners experiencing any of the aforementioned concerns should not hesitate to call us. We pride ourselves as being a top rated appliance repair company serving Bucks County and other suburban Philadelphia regions providing professional, prompt and solid service to our long list of customers. To see the types of appliances we repair, please visit https://www.sickappliance.com/. 

Fix Your Household Appliances Without Any Uncertainty

Do you want to work with the best appliance repair company in Pennsylvania? If you do, then we have fantastic news for you here at Appliance Doctor. We’re a family business that has been providing customers with household appliance repair work for quite some time now. If you’re searching for consummate professionals who can fix washing machines, ovens, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators and more, then all you have to do is give us a shout. We fix washers of all kinds. We fix washers that were made by all sorts of prominent manufacturers, too. Why is it such a problem to ignore a washing machine that’s just not working correctly? Not being able to wash your clothing pieces and linens can negatively impact your day-to-day lifestyle. It can wreak havoc onto your household members’ lives as well.

The Best Appliance Repair Company for Washing Machine Concerns

If there is something wrong with your home washer, then you may be able sort things out yourself pretty rapidly. You may have an appliance that’s particularly noisy. If your washing machine is so loud that it’s actually interfering with your relaxation at home, then you need to take prompt action, period. Look at your drum, too. If you notice the presence of any lingering water, then something just isn’t right. Are you having trouble filling your drum up with water? That’s yet another clue. Our technicians can help you take charge of all sorts of water-related concerns. They can aid you with a drum that isn’t capable of rotating. They can aid you with a machine that simply doesn’t switch on. If you’re annoyed by a washing machine that doesn’t seem capable of cleaning your apparel and sheets, then all you have to do is request our appliance magic. Our team members fix washing machine woes of all varieties. They even regularly take care of washer electrical concerns.

Solid Reasons to Work With the Best Appliance Repair Company

People in Pennsylvania have so many incentives to call Appliance Doctor for washing machine repair work. Our team members are all highly qualified. They’ve worked on countless washer repair projects in the past. They use all of the most effective washing machine repair practices. They use all of the most advanced washing machine repair tools and supplies as well.

We’re also a full-service company that genuinely cares about the members of our customer base. That’s the reason our approach to customer service is unparalleled. That’s why our customer satisfaction policies are so consistent and strong, too. If you want washing machine repair service that’s meticulous, modern and budget-friendly, we’re looking forward to hearing from you. If you want washing machine repair work that won’t do a number on your appliance’s condition, we can’t wait to accommodate your wishes completely. Call the Appliance Doctor staff to schedule an appointment for washer repair work in Montgomery County, Bucks County or Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We offer a combination of commercial and residential specialties.

Overlooked Ways to Prevent Washing Machine and Dryer Meltdown


Overlooked Ways to Prevent Washing Machine and Dryer Meltdown

Our fantastic machines that make our days more convenient can easily be taken for granted. That is until they no longer function with the push of a button.

We often forget to ensure those marvels of modern life keep working away for us.

Washing Machine and Dryer

Your washing machine can create expensive repairs if a drum is broken or your house is flooded due to a burst water hose.

To keep your drum running efficiently for years, the type of detergent you use is a factor. Use only high-efficiency or HE detergents. Non-HE detergent suds create problems for your drum and drive system.

In addition to regular HE detergents cycles, once a month run an empty hot water load to break down any residue in the drum.

You know the sound of your washer. If it suddenly sounds off track or you experience heavy vibration, check the machine’s stability to ensure all four legs are firmly touching the ground. Most legs will come with locking mechanisms. Make sure the machine is firmly on the floor.

Your dryer’s lint trap should be cleaned regularly, but did you know it doesn’t trap all the lint. In fact, a large amount of lint, over time, is not trapped. This lint eventually becomes a fire hazard. Each year thousands of residential fires are started by lint filled dryers.

Use semi-rigid or rigid aluminum or galvanized steel ducting to protect your home. Cheaper ductwork such as light foil or plastic poses a higher risk for sparking fires. Using a vacuum cleaner once a month to clean out your lint slot reduces the risk of a fire. Once a year, unplug the dryer then clean out the vent tube with a vacuum.

Need a replacement or repair of your washer or dryer? Appliance Doctor in Philadelphia provides great service that you can trust.

Overlooked Ways to Prevent Washing Machine and Dryer Meltdown


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