Different Types of Cooktops

Appliance Doctor is a top appliance repair company that provides a wide range of services to the surrounding community. The company has a team of highly skilled appliance repair technicians specializing in repairs on all major brands and ranges, including ovens, cooktops, dishwashers, refrigerators, and freezers. That is why we are the best top appliance repair company. We recommend cooktops and oven repairs to our customers as they are among the most common appliance repairs. Cooktops are also called gas cooktops, electric cooktops, or glass cooktops. Our top appliance repair company has provided detailed information on the different types of cooktops in this article.

Different Types of Cooktops
There are four main types of cooktops:

  1. Gas Cooktop
    A traditional gas cooktop is used in most homes and follows a fundamental design pattern. This type of top has four burners and one burner used for ignition. Gas cooktops use natural gas to heat the element. They are easy to repair since you can easily replace the part. However, the problem that arises after a few years of usage is corrosion buildup which can hinder the efficiency of a gas cooktop. Generally, the lower the gas flow of a gas cooktop, the better it performs. Gas cooktops are also one of the most affordable options. The major disadvantage of a gas cooktop is its high cost.
  2. Electric Cooktop

An electric cooktop is more like an oven than an ordinary cooking stove than a regular stove with a heating element. It typically has four burners and one on/off switch, which you can adjust to suit your preference. Unlike gas cooktops, the electric cooktop operates at a higher temperature, usually 400F to 600F, while the gas cooktops operate at a lower temperature, usually 200F to 300F. Electric cooktops are the most commonly used type of cooktop today. The major disadvantage of an electric cooktop is that it has less flexibility in cooking, and it consumes more electricity than other types of cooktops.

  1. Induction Cooktop

The induction cooktop is similar to a gas cooktop in its operation. Unlike gas cooktops, induction cooktops use magnetic induction to generate heat instead of natural gas. Since this type of stove does not require heat, any heat sources can be used, like electricity or wood. The core of an induction cooktop is made up of a charged magnet that creates a magnetic field when current passes through, which heats the pan and not the stove. The significant advantage of induction cooktops is that they are used with any heating source and are energy-saving.

  1. Glass Cooktop

A glass cooktop is also referred to as a glass-ceramic cooktop, and it is widely used in commercial and industrial kitchens as it is a more durable option when compared to other types of cooktops. It has no sticking parts like the other types of cooktops, and the colors are more uniform. The only disadvantage of this type of cooktop is that it tends to contain thermal shock cracks, and because it has no stick-free design, you cannot clean it like other types of cooktops.

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