What You Shouldn’t Be Putting in Your Garbage Disposer

Your garbage disposer is there to make your life more convenient. It allows you to dispose of food waste by simply flipping a switch. However, it is important to be selective with what you let down the disposer since the wrong stuff could lead to plumbing issues. If you have any problems with it, you can contact Appliance Doctor, the best appliance repair company in Bucks County, for high-quality services. To avoid damaging your waste disposer or your plumbing system, avoid putting such stuff in the waste disposer.

Coffee Bean Grounds

Even though coffee grounds seem like a fine paste, keeping them off your waste disposal is important. This is due to their tendency to suck up liquids and stick together. If you throw down the waste disposer, they will collect and harden, increasing the chances of a blockage. Instead, wrap them up and discard them in a bin.

Animal Bones

After eating meat, avoid throwing animal bones in your waste disposer. Essentially, bones are rigid, therefore, might damage the waste disposer. In addition, if you repeat this several times, the garbage disposal is likely to break down, decreasing the lifespan.

However, you should not be worried if a chicken or fishbone falls down your drain since the waste disposer can deal with it. Nevertheless, don’t make a habit of throwing such bones down there.

Egg Shells

Like coffee grounds, eggshells tend to form sediments when disposed of down the drain. Throw enough of them, and you will have a clogging problem in no time. Therefore, you should find alternative means of disposing of eggshells, such as using a garbage can. If you have to dispose of them through the drain, do it gradually while pouring pressurized cold water to ensure all sediments are forced out.

Bread and Rice

If you want to avoid clogging problems, it is advisable to avoid disposing of substances that absorb water down the drain. This covers a variety of products such as bread, pasta, rice, oats, beans, and other grains. In case you drop some of these items down the disposal, ensure that you flush pressurized water to wash them away. It helps prevent clogging issues when they absorb water. If you notice bread, rice, pasta, or other grains clogging your drain, contact the best appliance repair company in Bucks County to help you fix the problem.

Nut Shells

Generally, anything you can’t cut using a knife is a big no when determining what to throw down your disposer. This accounts for nutshells, hard seeds, and pits. All these things are hard, so your garbage disposer will have a hard time crushing them. To preserve your disposal system, consider throwing them in the trash.

Onion Layers

Although an onion is soft, your waste disposer has a hard time crushing it up. Usually, the soft membrane passes wraps around the disposal blades affecting its ability to grind other objects. In some cases, it traps other stuff resulting to a system malfunction. You can avoid all this by throwing onions in the trash can.

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