How Much Energy is My Dryer Using?

If you’re like most people, you put a lot of thought into your refrigerator and stove’s efficiency and energy costs but probably haven’t given your clothes dryer much thought. That’s a mistake. While it’s true that newer models are more efficient than older models, they do use a surprising amount of electricity—on average up to 3 kW per hour.

What Are the Best Dryer Brands?

  • Tappan (manufacturer)
  • Atlantis (manufacturer)
  • All Clothes Dryer (manufacturer)
  • Bosch Tappan Appliance Service (manufacturer)
  • DeLonghi (manufacturer)
  • Electrolux Tappan Appliance Service (manufacturer)
  • Kenmore Electrolux Tappan Appliance Service (manufacturer)
  • LG Gas Tappan Appliance Service
  • Bosch Tappan Appliance Service

And while this may not sound like a lot per machine, when you multiply that by the number in most households with two or more clothes dryers running concurrently on long cycles or continuously for days at a time, it starts to add up. Along with the other appliances in your home, the clothes dryer is an appliance that could use some energy efficiency upgrades.

How Much Energy Does My Clothes Dryer Use?

First, let’s look at how much energy your clothes dryer is using. The latest energy star-rated gas clothes dryers use anywhere from 3 to 5 kW per hour, translating into $15 to $25 per month in electric costs.

If this doesn’t sound like a lot of electricity, consider the fact that most new models are sold with the sole purpose of saving you money by being more efficient. This means that if you have more efficient appliances, you’ll spend less on your utility bills overall.

How many hours per day are you running your clothes dryer?

Use this handy calculator to determine how much energy your clothes dryer is using. Once you plug in the number of hours per day you’re using the dryer and choose a load, the calculator will tell you how much energy the dryer is using. (Please note that this is based on a standard ‘ calm down’ cycle; if your clothes are not perfectly cool to touch before being removed from the dryer, your electricity usage during that period will be higher.

What to do when damaged?

Before you can drive to the store and buy a new dryer, you need to determine if your old dryer is still repairable. First, turn off the circuit breaker (or disconnect the plug) that powers the machine. If you’re unsure how to do this, consult with a qualified electrician or a local appliance repair company.

The best appliance repair company, like Appliance Doctor, will be able to help you determine whether it’s worth repairing or if it’s time for a new machine. If the problem is simply something that requires a service call, such as a belt replacement, the repair cost will be significantly less than replacing the entire unit.

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