Kitchen Trends Over the Years

Kitchens have gone through many trends over the years. One trend that has consistently grown in popularity is larger kitchens with more counter space. Who doesn’t love more counter space? These new dimensions are enough for some people, but for others who have an even higher need for storage, pantries are being created to meet new demands. We are an appliance repair company in Pennsylvania, and in this article, we will cover some of the most recent trends in kitchen design and give you ideas about what to consider when updating your kitchen.

Kitchen trends over the years

1. Simplicity

In the 1970s, kitchens were decorated in bright colors and graphic patterns. These kinds of designs are making a comeback, and many people like their simplicity. They can be used for both small and big kitchens. They also work well in both traditional and modern kitchens. The fact that they look good in any kitchen makes it a good option if you’re trying to stick to a budget.

2. Microwave Islands

In the past, microwaves were often located next to the stove. However, recently they have been placed on islands. These islands typically have more space than regular ones, allowing more space for a microwave oven. They also have easy access to them, which is a plus because it saves time when cooking.

3. White Cabinets

Another popular trend in kitchen remodeling is using all-white cabinets with stainless steel appliances and darker floors. These all-white cabinets are a great look because they work well in almost any kitchen. It also creates a nice contrast with the stainless steel appliances. The dark floors work well with almost any color, so the choice is yours.

4. Islands without Refrigerators

Another trend, in the past, you would find refrigerators all over your kitchen for storing food items. Now, you’re allowed to get rid of them and have only one island on which to place everything else. This one works best to maximize your space for other appliances.

5. Granite or Stone Counters

Another trend for kitchens is using granite or stone counters. Many people like this look because it looks expensive but still can be done on a budget. The best thing about these kinds of counters is that they don’t cost as much as you think. 

6. Open Shelving

Private dining rooms, offices, and small kitchens often feature open shelving. They allow for better airflow and light. The people who like this particular design think it gives a more open feeling to the space.

7. Small Islands

You may have noticed that you’re finding more small islands in kitchens than you used to in the past. This use of small islands is because storing items on these islands is effortless, making them perfect for small spaces with limited storage space.

8. Compact Refrigerators

Another recent trend is the compact refrigerator. These make it easier to store items in a small kitchen. They are also suitable for small apartments or people living in tiny houses with little to no storage space.

9. Quartz Countertops

You may wonder why quartz became so popular in recent times, but the answer is simple; they provide an affordable way to get a very high-quality countertop that looks great and easy to maintain.

10. Modular Kitchens

This kind of kitchen allows for a lot of flexibility and can be easily rearranged. It allows for the interchange of different appliances depending on the occasion and works well with small kitchens that lack storage space.

In conclusion, kitchens aren’t designed just to look good; they require some planning and thought before you start. Ensure that all the storage areas of your kitchen are accounted for so that cleaning and cooking are a lot easier. Another vital thing to remember is that you need to include several countertop options with your remodeling project to make sure you won’t run out of room for other appliances and use the best design and color options available. If you require repairs for your kitchen appliances, call our appliance repair company serving the Greater Philadelphia area.

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