LG Refrigerator Not Working Properly?

When the refrigerator makes strange noises or other unusual occurrences catch your eye, it’s natural that you question if there is a problem. The chances are high that something has gone astray inside the unit. Since refrigerators operate 24/7, they’re prone to wear and tear and breakdown that can leave spoiled food and other issues on top of the broken refrigerator. When you notice unusual things with your LG refrigerator, call our top-rated appliance repair company serving Delaware County at once.

We repair all LG model refrigerators, whether you own a late-model appliance or one with extra years under the surface, or a two-door luxury model. We also repair all LG refrigerator problems with a 99% success rate. Call for repair at the first sign of trouble for the most successful (and affordable) possible service. Why not prolong the lifetime of your refrigerator when a few simple repairs will resolve the trouble?

LG Refrigerator Repair: Common Problems

Your refrigerator may breakdown in a moment, but usually, signs indicate trouble well-before the fridge completely stops working. Common refrigerator mishaps we repair at our appliance repair company serving Delaware County include:

  • Unit will not cool
  • Unit constantly runs
  • Icemaker doesn’t function
  • Leaks
  • Unit will not defrost
  • Door will not properly seal

Fast, efficient refrigerator repair is our promise to you. We bring many years of refrigerator expertise to every job, giving us the skills to repair almost any problem that threatens its operation. With our prompt repair service, you gain peace of mind when it is needed the most.

Refrigerator problems cause so much concern because the food inside may spoil if the refrigerator does not work correctly. With help from our repair technicians, that is no longer a concern. We offer 24/7 service so help is around the corner no matter the time of day or night refrigerator mishaps occurs.

LG Refrigerator Experts in Montgomery County

A lot of companies claim to be refrigerator experts or specialists in one brand or another, despite a lack of knowledge that true experts bring to the job. Don’t get suckered by one of these appliance repair companies and waste time and money.

As certified LG refrigerator experts, our technicians resolve most mishaps that cause concern with your refrigerator, restoring its life expectancy and functionality at a cost considerably cheaper than replacement costs.

Need the best LG refrigerator repair in town? Call our appliance repair company serving Delaware County today!

Reasons to choose appliance doctor:

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quick service

Nobody plans for their appliance to break. That is why, in most cases, you can schedule same day service. We are here when you need us the most.


quality work

Our appliance pros are trained and certified to work on numerous appliances to keep your home or business running!


up front pricing

At Appliance Doctor we always provide you with up-front pricing prior to starting any repair. All repair work is 100% fully guaranteed.


family owned

We are a family owned and operated business which means you receive a personal approach treating customers like family.

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