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Dehumidifier Repair & Service Philadelphia Area

While some Philadelphia area homeowners would like to add more moisture to their home environment to help alleviate allergies and general discomfort, some would rather draw extra moisture out of the air. To keep your home comfortable and the air from feeling like an invisible heavy blanket, Appliance Doctor offers dehumidifier repair and service.

Dehumidifer Repair Experts Serving Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, Chester, Burlington, Camden & Gloucester Counties

In order to avert unnecessary disaster or repair, we like to educate our customers on what they can do to take the best care of their appliances. When it comes to your dehumidifier, a few tips to put to good use to maintain your appliance include:

  • Review the owner’s manual for model-specific maintenance and care tips.
  • Make sure your dehumidifier is always at the correct humidity level, which is usually 35 percent.
  • Keep the water bucket clean.
  • If you’re worried that your appliance may not be working correctly, use a hygrometer to test your home’s humidity levels.
  • Clean or replace the air filter at least once a year.
  • Check the cooling coils for frost or ice.

Know that you can take steps to keep your dehumidifier in good order and still require appliance repair. When/If that time comes, Appliance Doctor is just a phone call away.

Sante Fe’s Authorized Dehumidifier Retailer

If you don’t need dehumidifier service or repair because you don’t yet have a dehumidifier, we can change that. Know that Appliance Doctor is an authorized dehumidifier dealer, which means that the dehumidifiers we offer our customers are among the best of the best. Reasons to consider getting a dehumidifier for your residence include:

  • Controlling your allergies, which are often triggered by humid environments
  • Keeping mold, mildew and dust mites at bay
  • Improving your home’s overall comfort level
  • Allowing cereals and breads to last longer, your electronics to remain free of rust and your clothes to dry faster
  • Not having to clean as often, because there won’t be as much dust in your home
  • Keeping your home from smelling musty or old, which is common in the presence of mold and mildew

In addition to being your dehumidifier retailer, we also hope you’ll turn to us for your future dehumidifier repair needs.

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Appliance Doctor is the answer the next time you ask, “is there affordable and comprehensive dehumidifier repair company near me?” Learn more about keeping the humidity levels balanced in your home by calling an Appliance Doctor representative at your earliest convenience. We also offer a Contact Us form for your convenience.

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