Gas or Electric Stove?

Gas or Electric Stove in Bensalem?

When it comes to appliances, the fiercest debate is whether you should get a gas or electric stove. They each have their pros and cons, so you’ll need to choose which is more important. Unless they create a gas and electric range, it ultimately comes down to a question of control against efficiency. Here are the key features of each:


The main advantage with gas will always control. Gas stoves give consistent heat for more even cooking. They also allow instant adjustments with the turn of a knob. If your cooking temperature is too low, you can crank it up without waiting for it to heat up. You can also use almost any type of cookware on a gas range.

Unfortunately, gas appliances tend to be pricier than electric. While gas owners would say it’s worth it, you can buy a more upscale electric stove for the same price as a low-end electric. They’re also more difficult to clean, so stains that get burned on generally don’t come off.


Electric stoves are more efficient than their gas counterparts. Despite less control, the electric burners have direct contact with the cookware. They’re also very easy to clean, requiring, at most, an abrasive scraper to remove even stubborn messes. Electric requires very little in the way of ventilation, whereas gas needs more to vent the carbon monoxide it produces.

The major disadvantage is that electric ranges do not stay at a consistent temperature. They heat up, then cool down, only to heat back up again. This makes even heating and steady simmering difficult to accomplish.

Ultimately, only you can choose a winner in the battle of the appliances. Very few Bucks County residents find themselves on the fence; most have a very clear set of preferences. Whether you choose gas or electric, a little research can ensure that you get a quality product that serves you well for years.

Gas or Electric Stove?

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