The Many Benefits of a Smart Home and IoT System


The Many Benefits of a Smart Home and IoT System

Many people know about smart homes, but fewer know about IoT, or the Internet of Things. IoT is the catch-all phrase for devices connected to the internet, including home appliances such as washing machines and devices you carry anywhere such as health-monitoring watches. The smart home and IoT world can seem overwhelming, but it’s not too hard to break smart homes down into a couple categories:

  • Wireless internet system
  • Do-it-yourself system
  • Computer-controlled X-10 system
  • Plug-in X-10 module

Wireless Internet and DIY Systems

In the modern day, many people can’t imagine anything other than a wireless internet smart home system. It offers benefits such as the ability to turn on the air conditioning from your office before you leave work. Additionally, if you are a computer geek, a do-it-yourself wireless system can be a fun challenge.

The Original X-10 Systems

Some people prefer to stick to the original plug-in X-10 module that can also be upgraded to a computer-controlled system. The plug-in system uses a single controller to send out signals to various devices. The computer system replaces the basic controller with your computer, and the only difference from wireless is that you can’t control it from any device other than the central computer.

A smart home and IoT system gives you a lot of agency, but things can feel shaky when an appliance or other system component starts malfunctioning. Luckily, the modern market in Pennsylvania’s Delaware Valley provides excellent appliance repair people. There has never been a better time to get a smart home.

The Many Benefits of a Smart Home and IoT System

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