What is the Best Way to Load Silverware in the Dishwasher?

There are many ways to load silverware in the dishwasher, but not all of them are created equal. Some methods work better than others, and can help you get your dishes clean faster and more efficiently. In this blog post, we will discuss the best way to load silverware in the dishwasher, so that you can get your dishes clean quickly and easily using the help of a local appliance repair company!

There are two main goals when it comes to loading your silverware in the dishwasher. The first goal is to give the water a way to flow through your silverware easily, which will help ensure that all surfaces of each piece get cleaned. The second goal is placing each item close enough together so that they touch and stack on top of each other. This will make them stack on top of each other more easily, which makes it easier for the water to flow through the silverware. Here are some of our favorite ways to load your silverware in the dishwasher!

C-Shape – The C-shape is our first recommended way to load silverware in the dishwasher. The C-shape is created by placing one end of the silverware in the closed part of the C. This way, each utensil overlaps with each other piece next to it, allowing for easy water flow.

Parallel – The second recommended method for loading silverware is called “parallel.” Parallel means that you arrange each piece of silverware so it overlaps with one other piece, but does not overlap another same-sized piece. This keeps each tine placed next to the correct utensil.

Forks – The third method for loading silverware is “fork first.” When you load forks this way, you place two tines of the fork down in the silverware bin, with the handle sticking up. Then you repeat this same process for each additional fork.

Spoons – “Spoon first” is recommended when loading spoons into the dishwasher. You load one spoon in at a time, then space them about an inch apart from each other. This allows for enough space for the water to flow through each spoon.

Knives – Knives can be loaded two different ways in a dishwasher when you consider hiring a local appliance repair company. You can load them “handle first” by sticking the knife down into the silverware bin, with the blade facing up. The other option is to load them “blade first,” by placing your knives blade-first down in the silverware bin. Either way works, so it just depends on what you prefer.

Silverware Basket – When loading your silverware into a basket, try to place your forks in first, followed by knives and spoons. This allows for easier placement when stacking the silverware in the dishwasher. Try to keep each piece in the same direction, and consider placing knives with the blade facing down for optimal water flow.


You can contact us, your local appliance repair company, with any questions you might have about loading your silverware in the dishwasher, and they will be more than happy to help you out!

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