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4 Ways to Make Your Fridge Smell Fresh

There is one appliance in your home whose importance trumps the rest – The functioning of your refrigerator determines whether or not you’ll be eating dinner tonight. But as many busy families know, the fridge is also the appliance that’s most likely to become messy and unsightly as leftovers pile up throughout the week. By the time you finally get a chance to clean the fridge, numerous smells from different items may be competing for your attention – and not in a good way. 

Even if you get rid of old food each week, your fridge may still collect stale odors because bacteria and mold build up on surfaces. The best way to nip this problem in the bud is to focus on cleaning and deodorizing your fridge. This way, when you add fresh groceries, they’ll stay fresh and appetizing all week long.

  1. Use Airtight Containers

The first step is to eliminate the potential for strong food odors to permeate your fridge. One of the easiest ways to do this is to start using airtight containers – both for home-cooked meals and takeout leftovers. Be sure that anything pungent, like garlic or onion, is at least tucked away in its own separate compartment.

  1. Use a Deodorizer

Baking soda is one of the most common deodorizers used in refrigerators and freezers. An open box of baking soda neutralizes odors and lasts several months. After this, you can still use it for various purposes, like bathroom cleaning. You can also purchase silica gel mats for the bottom bins of your fridge to absorb moisture and keep produce fresh longer.

  1. Add a Natural Scent

There are plenty of cheap, natural ways to give your refrigerator a good scent, like placing a small bowl of ground coffee in your bridge. Some people use orange, lemon, or lime peels simply by tucking them in an open corner. You can also create a quick natural air freshener by combining baking soda, any essential oil, and water, simply placing a small bowl of it in your fridge.

  1. Clean & Check the Drip Pan

If none of these steps do the trick, your fridge may need a deep clean. The inside of most refrigerators are made of plastic, and plastic absorbs smells easily. Use a cleaning spray and scrub the insides of the lower bins (and the fridge floor underneath the bins). 

Another possible cause of odor is your refrigerator’s drip pan, which collects condensation. Not every fridge has a drip pan, but if yours does, it can become moldy. If this is the case, simply remove the pan, scrub it with soap and water, and put it back in place. 

Follow all of these steps and you’ll be amazed by how much cleaner and fresher your fridge smells. 

Having trouble with your refrigerator? Whether your fridge isn’t staying cool, your ice maker has stopped working, or you need a part replaced, Appliance Doctor can help. If you live in Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, or Chester County, we’ll look at any of your sick appliances and diagnose the problem.

Appliance Repair

Today’s modern homes are filled with home appliances. As a homeowner, sometimes it seems as if they take turns breaking down from time to time. Equally as frustrating, your appliances always happen to break at the most inconvenient times! A quick call to Appliance Doctor is the best way to get the device up and running quickly. Please take a look at the repair services our appliance repair company offers.

  1. Washing machine and clothes dryer repairs
  2. Repairs on LG and Samsung refrigerators
  3. Beverage center repairs
  4. Subzero refrigerator repair
  5. Dishwasher repair
  6. Oven repair
  7. Garbage disposal repair

Our Washer and Dryer Repair Services

Appliance Doctor is a top appliance repair company in the area. Our master technicians have repaired thousands of washers and dryers in your neighborhood. Our team has many decades of cumulative experience, and we serve customers throughout Philadelphia. Appliance Doctor also serves Doylestown, Lansdale, Bensalem, King of Prussia, Wayne, and Phoenixville. When your washing machine or clothes dryer breaks or malfunctions, we’re only a phone call away.

We repair most brands of washers and dryers. Our appliance repair company utilizes the most state-of-the-art tools to diagnose and fix the problem. When our technician arrives at your home or business, they will run a complete diagnostic test of the machine. We also do a thorough inspection to pinpoint the issue. In many cases, the problem can be a broken or worn part. We keep a huge inventory of parts in our shop. Your technician will have many of the replacement parts on hand when coming to repair your appliance. We work very hard to ensure that your appliance is fixed in one visit, so you are not left waiting for a part to come in.

Our Pricing Policy

We have been doing business in the Philadelphia area for many years. At Appliance Doctor, we understand that our customers depend on us for quality service at a fair and honest price on their appliance repair and replacement services. This is how we have earned the reputation of being the trusted and affordable appliance repair company in the neighborhood.

How Can We Help You Today?

It is super easy to get in touch with us either by phone or by sending us a service request on our website. Please contact us today to schedule a service appointment. Our entire staff looks forward to serving you.

LG Refrigerator Repair Page

When the refrigerator makes strange noises or other unusual occurrences catch your eye, it’s natural that you question if there is a problem. The chances are high that something has gone astray inside the unit. Since refrigerators operate 24/7, they’re prone to wear and tear and breakdown that can leave spoiled food and other issues on top of the broken refrigerator. When you notice unusual things with your LG refrigerator, call our top-rated appliance repair company serving Delaware County at once.

We repair all LG model refrigerators, whether you own a late-model appliance or one with extra years under the surface, or a two-door luxury model. We also repair all LG refrigerator problems with a 99% success rate. Call for repair at the first sign of trouble for the most successful (and affordable) possible service. Why not prolong the lifetime of your refrigerator when a few simple repairs will resolve the trouble?

LG Refrigerator Repair: Common Problems

Your refrigerator may breakdown in a moment, but usually, signs indicate trouble well-before the fridge completely stops working. Common refrigerator mishaps we repair at our appliance repair company serving Delaware County include:

  • Unit will not cool
  • Unit constantly runs
  • Icemaker doesn’t function
  • Leaks
  • Unit will not defrost
  • Door will not properly seal

Fast, efficient refrigerator repair is our promise to you. We bring many years of refrigerator expertise to every job, giving us the skills to repair almost any problem that threatens its operation. With our prompt repair service, you gain peace of mind when it is needed the most.

Refrigerator problems cause so much concern because the food inside may spoil if the refrigerator does not work correctly. With help from our repair technicians, that is no longer a concern. We offer 24/7 service so help is around the corner no matter the time of day or night refrigerator mishaps occurs.

LG Refrigerator Experts in Montgomery County

A lot of companies claim to be refrigerator experts or specialists in one brand or another, despite a lack of knowledge that true experts bring to the job. Don’t get suckered by one of these appliance repair companies and waste time and money.

As certified LG refrigerator experts, our technicians resolve most mishaps that cause concern with your refrigerator, restoring its life expectancy and functionality at a cost considerably cheaper than replacement costs.

Need the best LG refrigerator repair in town? Call our appliance repair company serving Delaware County today!

Most Common Dryer Problems

Laundry is a headache, especially if the dryer malfunctions or completely stops working. Sure, hanging the clothes outside on a clothesline is a ‘thing,’ but who really wants to endure all the extra effort that it takes? Nothing beats the snuggly feeling clothes have when they come out of the dryer! Dryers often fail us at the worst time, like after a big wash or when it seems like no one in the house has any clean clothes! And problems may occur without notice, despite proper maintenance. Call our appliance repair company serving Montgomery County if any of the following common dryer problems occur. Your dryer likely has plenty of life left in it after proper repair.

  • Dryer Won’t Turn On: When you set the timer or push the ‘start’ button to cycle on the dryer you expect to hear the turn of the drum and momentarily, a bit of heat. When the dryer will not turn on at all, check your settings followed by the power. Often it is one of these minor issues causing the trouble. A faulty start switch, or thermostat may also cause this common dryer problem.
  • Dryer Vibrates/Makes Strange Noises: Often the result of a faulty drum seal, repair requires mere replacement of the seal. This problem often occurs as the result of overloading.
  • No Heat: When the dryer runs but does not heat up, a faulty heating element is often the culprit, although other possibilities include blocked ventilation or a clogged lint filter. Clean the lint filter and then a professional if this does not resolve the problem.
  • Dryer Shuts Off: A dryer should operate the entire cycle that it is set to. If the dryer shuts off soon after a cycle begins, the thermostat may need to be replaced. Blocked ventilation also causes this problem.

A good appliance repair company serving Montgomery County has the skills, time, and tools to repair any of the above issues. Their service prolongs the life expectancy of the dryer, saving owners a lot of headache and hassle. Why replace an appliance that has plenty of life left?

Call our expert appliance repair company serving Montgomery County today if your dryer malfunctions or stops working. We will send a technician out who can quickly repair any of the common issues above or others that impact your appliance.

Getting Your Dishwasher Issues Fixed with Efficiency

It’s been a long day and your family has enjoyed a delicious spaghetti dinner. You slowly load a gathering of plates, glasses, and silverware into the dishwasher. After breathing a sigh and closing the dishwasher door, you press the start button. You don’t hear the dishwasher’s motor or detect any water spilling into the device. Instead, there’s no sound at all. What do you do? Answer: Call the professionals at our appliance repair company serving Bucks County.

Common Issues with Dishwashers

Not surprisingly, there are a few common issues that arise with most dishwashers used in homes. Some examples of those issues include:

• Water isn’t draining from the device

• The dishwasher won’t fill with water

• The dishwasher door won’t latch

• The device won’t finish the entire washing cycle

• The device is overly noisy

What it Takes to Solve the Issue

Regardless of the issue you’re having with your dishwasher, there are a few things necessary to solve it.

The Right Tools

When a dishwasher is malfunctioning, it takes the right types of tools to get it operational again. At our appliance repair company serving Bucks county, we’ve seen almost every dishwasher issue imaginable! So, we always have tools of the proper size and type with us to get the issue repaired as soon as possible. 

Expert Knowledge

Our repair professionals are knowledgeable about the intricate operations of a dishwasher. We’ve examined and repaired a variety of brands making it likely we’ve seen whatever issue you’re having with your dishwasher.

In addition, the professionals at our appliance repair company serving Bucks County are happy to answer any questions you have about the work we do, the equipment we use and the possible causes of the issue. We want you to be at ease with our work!

Quality Parts

If we need to replace a part in your dishwasher in order to make the repair, we have a supply of quality parts to use. We understand that a repair is only effective if it’s made with quality tools and parts.

The Benefits of Calling Our Repair Professionals

In addition to providing you with first-rate service, our repair professionals are courteous and respectful of your property. We arrive on time for your repair appointment and go about our work with efficiency. We get our work done and clean up any debris so you can go back to your normal routine.

So, if your dishwasher is malfunctioning, contact the team today at our appliance repair company serving Bucks County. Let us get your dishwasher up and running again!

Samsung Refrigerator Problems? We Can Help

It is cheaper and easier to repair your Samsung refrigerator than getting a new one, which is costly. To solve your Samsung refrigerator issues, you first need to understand precisely where the problem is. Troubleshooting lets you know the common problems that are easy to fix. When it comes to servicing and parts, you need to consult an appliance Repair Company serving Bucks County to solve the advanced issues and replace parts of a malfunctioning refrigerator. Below are some of the common problems that face the Samsung refrigerator:

Refrigerator not cooling

When the refrigerator is not cooling, there are several possible causes. These causes might be a result of malfunctioning of some parts, including coils, condenser fan motor, evaporator fan motor, start relay, temperature control thermostat, start capacitor, temperature control board, thermistor, compressor or issues with the main control board. Some of these issues, like cleaning of dirty coils, can get done at home. Other complicated issues require an expert like an appliance repair company serving Bucks County. They will do the servicing, repair, and replace the faulty parts.

Refrigerator ice not working

When your Samsung refrigerator ice making component fails to work, you need to check the possible causes before calling an expert from the appliance Repair Company serving Bucks County for repair services and unit replacement. Some of the reasons for the Ice making component not working include higher set temperatures, a defective water inlet valve, a faulty ice maker component, low-pressure water supply, a failing door switch, and a defective mold thermostat.

Samsung refrigerator not defrosting

There are many possible causes as to why your fridge is not defrosting. Some of the possible reasons include a faulty defrost control board, and defective defrost timer, a fault defrost heater assembly, issues with the sensor, and also a broken thermostat. Check this and note if any has a defect.

Your Samsung refrigerator is loud or noisy

You need to check what causes the noise or louder sounds than usual. Some of the possible causes include a faulty fan blade, a failed evaporator fan, and condenser fan, and also a malfunctioning compressor. You also need to check the water inlet valve to confirm whether it’s faulty. While you can fix some of these issues yourself, full servicing and repair require an expert from the appliance Repair Company serving Bucks County. They will check the damage, repair them, and have the malfunctioning parts replaced.

Refrigerator light not working

Possible causes might include a defective bulb, door switch, light socket, light switch, and the light board. Try to solve this by changing the bulb or parts. If these fail, you need to contact an expert to perform the general servicing, repair, and parts replacements.

If you are experiencing the above issues and many more to your refrigerator and other electronics, please contact us for servicing, repair, and maintenance services. We have years of experience repairing different appliances, and we have all the replacement parts for your equipment.

Signs A Washing Machine Needs Repair

Clean clothing is critical to an individual’s health and cleanliness, in addition to their social and professional success. Fortunately, electronic appliances called washing machines help people complete this pertinent task thoroughly and over limited durations. Therefore, when these apparatuses break down, a major inconvenience ensues. 

Appliance Doctor, an appliance repair company serving Bucks County Pennsylvania and beyond invites our friends, followers and customers to read this brief blog about the signs to look out for that might suggest a washing machine needs fixing.

Signs A Washer requires Maintenance

The Drum Does Not Turn

A washer’s drum is the component that enables the machine to spin the clothing during a cleaning cycle. The likely culprits are lid switches or belts and there is a good chance that these products are damaged or completely broken and need replacing. 

Water Lingers In Drum After Washing

Once a cleansing cycle is complete, water should no longer be visible in the apparatus. In certain instances where water lingers, this is a simple case of the pump being obstructed by clothing. However, if remediating said issue does not remedy the problem, the pump might be damaged or possess internal obstructions. The latter maladies require fixing or replacing. 

Strange Odors Are Detectable

Foul or strange odors are not normal and typically indicate some kind or problem warranting investigation. This occurrence could equal any number of technical issues. However, should clothing emerge smelling extra damp, the culprit might be growth of a potentially harmful material called mold inside the machine. If left unchecked, mold could precipitate health problems, like allergies and minor upper respiratory infections. 

Higher Utility Bills

Should a homeowner witness a combination of higher electric and water bills, their washer is likely no longer operating with great efficiency. When such circumstances arise, a homeowner’s best recourse might be to upgrade to a newer, more energy-efficient device. 

Leakages Occur 

Water seeping out of the machine indicates a leak. That said, such occurrence could be the result of several different causes and originate in any number of components. Leaks should be assessed immediately to prevent the possibility of flooding and significant internal damage to the home’s interior. 

No Water In Drum

The drum should fill with water during routine washing cycles. This malady could be precipitated by numerous problems and should be examined by an appliance repair company serving Bucks County. 

Loud Or Unusual Noises Can Be Heard

Excessively loud sounds, such as, banging, clinking or hissing are abnormal and often indicate something is amiss. Precipitators could range from simple loose connections to major internal component damage. 

Contacting Us

Homeowners experiencing any of the aforementioned concerns should not hesitate to call us. We pride ourselves as being a top rated appliance repair company serving Bucks County and other suburban Philadelphia regions providing professional, prompt and solid service to our long list of customers. To see the types of appliances we repair, please visit 

Garbage Disposal Service Tips

If you are looking for a trustworthy appliance repair firm, you can be sure that we are the best appliance repair company serving Bucks County. We have been in the repair industry for more than five decades. When you need any repairs done, you can reach out to us for satisfactory services.

We owe our success to our loyal clients whom we value so much. The appliance doctor has a team of qualified technicians who can service any appliance excellently. Our employees and loyal customers are the reason we keep flourishing.

Garbage disposal services

We understand the importance of a garbage disposal unit in your kitchen. It might be challenging to get rid of scraps of food in the kitchen, necessitating the need for experts in appliance repair. It might not be easy locating a reliable appliance repair company serving Bucks County, but we are available daily.

How do we handle garbage disposal concerns?

  • Using lemon peelings or dish soap, we pour it in the sink and let it run, cleaning and deodorizing it
  • We can clean the inside chamber by scraping it with chicken bones or fruit peels
  • We will get rid of them when done
  • We add food to the motor gradually to prevent overloading
  • We run cold water ten seconds before you use the disposal, and ten seconds after turning it off so that you can flush the food through

Our suggestions when handling the garbage disposal

To avoid corroding and rusting, you should frequently use it
You shouldn’t grind items with high fiber in the placement as they don’t grind nicely
Cereals such as rice should not be run through the drain as they block it easily
Avoid using hot water
Do not use grease in the disposal unit

When repair is needed

We advise our clients to be cautious when fixing garbage disposal appliances since it might be counter-productive. If it doesn’t come out, engage our team for professional and quality services. Our appliance repair company serving Bucks County is available at any time.

If we cannot fix the garbage disposal problem, we can help you purchase a better one that incorporates the latest technology. We select less noisy grinding equipment and install it for you. We do it at affordable rates in a friendly and professional manner.

Why should you trust us?

We are an appliance repair company that you can trust to deliver quality work within a short period. Our clients are family, and we treat each one in a manner that they would feel like part of us. Our team is trained to ensure that we deliver excellent services.

We provide a variety of appliance repair services, including dishwasher repairs and refrigerator repairs. We are available to serve you any day and time. You can call us today for excellent appliance repair services.

7 Things to Watch If You Have an Older Refrigerator

Though often overlooked and taken for granted, the refrigerator is amongst a home’s most vital components. Without it, people would not be able to keep perishable foods and beverages cold or frozen. An ailing refrigerator is a problem necessitating immediate attention that often leaves you frantically searching for an establishment performing appliance repair near me. 

Fortunately, if you reside in Philadelphia area, your hunt for appliance repair near me ends with Appliance Doctor. We invite current and potential customers to read this short blog highlighting several signs that your refrigerator might need repair:

A Hot Kitchen

If you notice that your kitchen feels excessively warm, the problem could be a failing refrigerator. In many instances, this is a system of a deteriorating motor. For confirmation, you can place your hands behind the appliance. If you feel significant warmth, there is a distinct possibility the motor needs replacing. 

Excessive Freezing

If you notice ice forming in locations like on the side walls or the door, your freezer is likely declining. Industry professionals suggest that you should contact an establishment performing appliance repair near me if you notice that the freezer door become so frozen it sticks or you unplug the appliance to thaw and the situation repeats itself. 

Food Spoils Quickly

Arguably, the most obvious sign your refrigerator needs repair is premature food spoilage. Food that starts going bad prior to its expiration date is a telltale sign the appliance is not performing at an optimal level. 

Increased Condensation

Another potential red flag is the presence of increased condensation. Typically, this occurrence indicates that the appliance’s cooling process has been inhibited. Sometimes, this problem can be precipitated by an easily correctible issue like a damaged door seal. However, in many cases, the underlying factor is far more serious and warrants immediate attention. 

Excessive Noise Production

If you notice that the refrigerator has become excessively noisy or runs continuously, investigation from a professional appliance repair company may be warranted. Unusually loud or excessive noise and non-stop operation often indicates a failing motor. 

High Electric Bills

If your electric bills suddenly skyrocket, additional charges are likely due to an underperforming appliance. Therefore, if you cannot understand why your energy costs are exorbitant, a tiring refrigerator might be to blame. 

Interior Warmth

The inside of your refrigerator should be cold at all times. If any of the structure’s interior components feel warm, further investigation is needed. Additionally, you are strongly encouraged to check your food. If edible products feel warm, said items should promptly be discarded and you should consult with an appliance repair establishment as soon as possible. 

Contacting Appliance Doctor

If you reside in Bucks County and surrounding Pennsylvania municipalities and encounter refrigerator problems, we encourage you to contact us. We our a family operated business that services most appliance brands, employs only factory trained technicians, guarantees the quality of our work and always provides fast, courteous and professional services.

The One Appliance You Can’t Live Without

Refrigerators are essential household appliances, zero exceptions. If you don’t have a refrigerator that works well or maybe even at all, it can negatively impact your ability to prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. It can make it impossible for you to live a normal and peaceful day-to-day existence as well. That’s because faulty refrigerators tend to be pretty disruptive. If you want to avoid inconveniences and headaches of all kinds, then you should request professional refrigerator repair work from qualified and seasoned technicians right away. You should look for a local appliance repair company that’s known for five-star refrigerator specialties of all kinds.

Indications That You Should Hire an Appliance Repair Company for Prompt Refrigerator Service

Issues with refrigerators are often pretty obvious. If you have a refrigerator that no longer is able to keep your food items cool, then you definitely have some kind of problem on your hands. There are indications of refrigerator woes that go beyond chilling woes, too. If you have a refrigerator that’s in need of professional repair service, you may observe a significant degree of condensation inside of it. If you peer inside of your refrigerator only to notice a worrying level of ice accumulation, then that’s not normal in any sense. There are various other clues that can tell you that you have a faulty refrigerator as well. Pay attention to one that’s excessively noisy. Pay attention to one that has a motor that’s abnormally hot. If you pick up on freezer ice accumulation, rapid food item spoiling, odd noises and bizarre odors of any kind, then that most likely means that your appliance is in trouble.

Think in detail about how old your refrigerator is. If your refrigerator is particularly old, then it may be prone to frequent breakdowns that may cost an arm and a leg to manage. Refrigerator replacement service can in some cases be the most budget-friendly option around. If you have a refrigerator that has been in use for a minimum of one decade, then it may be due for complete replacement. If you take care of your refrigerator in the correct way, then it should be able to stick around for anywhere between a decade and a quarter of a century. If you have a fridge that’s been in operations for 10 plus years and that seems exhausted, then replacing it may work out in your favor.

Contact Appliance Doctor Serving Homeowners in Pennsylvania

Appliance Doctor is a reputable appliance repair company that’s been a staple among Montgomery County and Bucks County customers for more than 50 years at this point. It’s been a staple among the Greater Philadelphia customers for just as long. If you have a refrigerator that’s just not working well, then our technicians can save the day for you. They fix refrigerators of all kinds and sizes. They fix refrigerators that have minor problems, extensive problems and more, too. Contact our team to book an appliance repair appointment.

Reasons to choose appliance doctor:

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quick service

Nobody plans for their appliance to break. That is why, in most cases, you can schedule same day service. We are here when you need us the most.


quality work

Our appliance pros are trained and certified to work on numerous appliances to keep your home or business running!


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At Appliance Doctor we always provide you with up-front pricing prior to starting any repair. All repair work is 100% fully guaranteed.


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We are a family owned and operated business which means you receive a personal approach treating customers like family.

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