Tips for Kitchen Appliance Maintenance

Tips for Kitchen Appliance Maintenance

You’ve spent a lot of time and money setting up your kitchen just the way you always wanted it. You’d hate to let all that effort and investment go to waste. Whether your kitchen is outfitted with all the latest state of the art appliances or is full of relics from a bygone age, there are still a number of things you should be doing to keep them working as well as possible. Regular maintenance can lower your energy costs, save on repair bills, and increase the longevity of your essential kitchen equipment.

Clean Your Fridge

Be sure to clean out not just the wilted lettuce in the crisper, but the outside as well. In particular, you need to make sure the condenser coils in the back or bottom of the refrigerator are clean and free of dust. This should be done at least once a year and will make the fridge more efficient and also extend its lifespan.

Clean Your Oven Thoroughly

A thorough clean means doing more than just running the self-clean cycle. For tough spills and nasty messes, a little old-fashioned oven cleaner and a good sponge will do the trick. Also, the vent filter should be cleaned or, ideally, replaced every year due to a buildup of grease and debris.

Use the Right Cleaner On Your Glass Cooktop

Anything other than the correct solution is liable to cause permanent damage.

Shut Down Your Dishwasher Before a Trip

If you take extended winter trips, be sure to disconnect your dishwasher and empty all the hoses. A power outage or furnace breakdown in the winter could cause the water in the hoses to freeze and crack. The same applies to summer homes that sit empty all winter.

Sometimes, though, even with proper maintenance your appliances eventually break down. Maybe because of age, or maybe because one of your kids has been stuffing your dishwasher with towels again. Either way, the Appliance Doctor, the premier heating, cooling, and appliance repair specialists in Pennsylvania and Delaware, have you covered.

Tips for Kitchen Appliance Maintenance

Appliance Doctor, Incorporated is a Pennsylvania Corporation offering expert repair services to the Delaware Valley’s residents and businesses. We started in 1964 as a one-man business servicing only washers and dryers. Today, we service more than 110 different brands of refrigeration and appliance equipment across 49 different product types. Our technicians are expected to know so much information! In the 1960’s, our service area was limited to Philadelphia. Today, our service area includes all towns in Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, and Chester County.

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