Most Common Dryer Problems

Laundry is a headache, especially if the dryer malfunctions or completely stops working. Sure, hanging the clothes outside on a clothesline is a ‘thing,’ but who really wants to endure all the extra effort that it takes? Nothing beats the snuggly feeling clothes have when they come out of the dryer! Dryers often fail us at the worst time, like after a big wash or when it seems like no one in the house has any clean clothes! And problems may occur without notice, despite proper maintenance. Call our appliance repair company serving Montgomery County if any of the following common dryer problems occur. Your dryer likely has plenty of life left in it after proper repair.

  • Dryer Won’t Turn On: When you set the timer or push the ‘start’ button to cycle on the dryer you expect to hear the turn of the drum and momentarily, a bit of heat. When the dryer will not turn on at all, check your settings followed by the power. Often it is one of these minor issues causing the trouble. A faulty start switch, or thermostat may also cause this common dryer problem.
  • Dryer Vibrates/Makes Strange Noises: Often the result of a faulty drum seal, repair requires mere replacement of the seal. This problem often occurs as the result of overloading.
  • No Heat: When the dryer runs but does not heat up, a faulty heating element is often the culprit, although other possibilities include blocked ventilation or a clogged lint filter. Clean the lint filter and then a professional if this does not resolve the problem.
  • Dryer Shuts Off: A dryer should operate the entire cycle that it is set to. If the dryer shuts off soon after a cycle begins, the thermostat may need to be replaced. Blocked ventilation also causes this problem.

A good appliance repair company serving Montgomery County has the skills, time, and tools to repair any of the above issues. Their service prolongs the life expectancy of the dryer, saving owners a lot of headache and hassle. Why replace an appliance that has plenty of life left?

Call our expert appliance repair company serving Montgomery County today if your dryer malfunctions or stops working. We will send a technician out who can quickly repair any of the common issues above or others that impact your appliance.

Overlooked Ways to Prevent Washing Machine and Dryer Meltdown


Overlooked Ways to Prevent Washing Machine and Dryer Meltdown

Our fantastic machines that make our days more convenient can easily be taken for granted. That is until they no longer function with the push of a button.

We often forget to ensure those marvels of modern life keep working away for us.

Washing Machine and Dryer

Your washing machine can create expensive repairs if a drum is broken or your house is flooded due to a burst water hose.

To keep your drum running efficiently for years, the type of detergent you use is a factor. Use only high-efficiency or HE detergents. Non-HE detergent suds create problems for your drum and drive system.

In addition to regular HE detergents cycles, once a month run an empty hot water load to break down any residue in the drum.

You know the sound of your washer. If it suddenly sounds off track or you experience heavy vibration, check the machine’s stability to ensure all four legs are firmly touching the ground. Most legs will come with locking mechanisms. Make sure the machine is firmly on the floor.

Your dryer’s lint trap should be cleaned regularly, but did you know it doesn’t trap all the lint. In fact, a large amount of lint, over time, is not trapped. This lint eventually becomes a fire hazard. Each year thousands of residential fires are started by lint filled dryers.

Use semi-rigid or rigid aluminum or galvanized steel ducting to protect your home. Cheaper ductwork such as light foil or plastic poses a higher risk for sparking fires. Using a vacuum cleaner once a month to clean out your lint slot reduces the risk of a fire. Once a year, unplug the dryer then clean out the vent tube with a vacuum.

Need a replacement or repair of your washer or dryer? Appliance Doctor in Philadelphia provides great service that you can trust.

Overlooked Ways to Prevent Washing Machine and Dryer Meltdown


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