What is the ENERGY STAR rating?

The star rating is an energy-efficient system that determines how efficient a model is compared to models of the same size. This program was started in 1992 and it helps people save money and reduce environmental pollution through improved energy efficiency. At Appliance Doctor, we are a local appliance repair company providing services to residential and commercial customers in the Philadelphia Metro region. The more stars an appliance has, the more efficient it is compared to models of the same size.

Greenhouse gasses are a major source of environmental degradation, and two-thirds of greenhouse gasses come from energy use in buildings, homes and industry. An essential part of the ENERGY STAR program and its rating system has been reducing the amount of greenhouse gasses that go into the environment.

What does an ENERGY STAR label mean?

An essential part of the ENERGY STAR is its ENERGY STAR rating system that focuses on these main areas: homes, products and commercial businesses. When an appliance has an ENERGY STAR rating, the product is compliant with mandated guidelines regarding energy efficiency, which differ according to the product. The range for most appliances is between 1 and 6 stars. The more the technology keeps on getting better, so does energy efficiency.

Recent estimates suggest that the average household can cut their energy costs by up to $575 per year when they use Energy Star appliances. These savings vary depending on several factors and you can use Energy Star online tools to determine the amount you will save. It is always essential to check the energy guide sheet before purchasing any appliance because it helps to get its numbers. ENERGY STAR labels and guides are posted with the appliances in-store and they are provided online on the retailer’s website.

How to read the energy rating label

It is a must for the Energy Rating Label to be visible on the following products: air conditioners, clothes dryers, clothes washers, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, televisions and computer monitors.

The energy consumption figure and star ratings are the key pieces of information when reading the labels. When comparing models using the Energy Rating Label, they should be the same size or capacity. As a local appliance repair company, we can meet all your appliance needs and ensure that your appliance is up and running.

  1. Energy Consumption Figure

This provides the energy in kWh an appliance will use over a year. It allows consumers to estimate how much it will cost them to run the product, but the actual energy consumption depends on its usage and how often it is in use.

  1. Star Rating

The more stars, the more efficient the appliance is. When an appliance is energy efficient, it uses less energy, and it will cost you less to run it.

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